What We Buy

VCE_buyinggoldMartinez Coin and Jewelry Exchange buys all types of gold jewelry. Please see below for examples of what we take.

We want everyone, whether you are a past customer of ours or a new friend to Martinez Coin and Jewelry Exchange to research where you sell your unwanted or estate jewelry. Many businesses are new or are traveling through visiting hotels and flea markets. See us first at Martinez Coin and Jewelry Exchange for an honest hassle-free appraisal from a local company that has been in business for over 3 decades.

We buy all forms of scrap gold, and some scrap silver at prices based on the current market price.  We also buy and sell all types of U.S. coins and paper money as well as some foreign coin.

Our buying process is completely transparent, we tell you exactly what you have and break it down in an easily understandable way. We don’t try to confuse or hide any information. When selling your valuables, you want a trusted, reputable and honest dealer, such as Martinez Coin and Jewelry Exchange, who pays top dollar.

Do you have coins, gold and silver, estate offerings or unwanted jewelry? Martinez Coin and Jewelry Exchange is always buying collections of all sizes; no matter how large or small. As the area’s most distinguished and trusted dealer since 1981, we pay honest and fair prices and you receive payment on the spot. Furthermore, we make sure all our clients are treated fairly by getting the personal touch and customer service they deserve.

If your item is not listed here, just ask! We may be able to work with you!




Necklaces/Chains/Broken Chains



Tie Pins

Cuff Links

Body Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Grills/Gold Teeth