Coin Books and Folders

Martinez Coin and Jewelry Exchange offers the largest supply of coin books and folders to help protect your numismatic investment. If you would like more information on how to keep your collection safe from the elements, oils from handling and organized, please call us at 925-335-9500 or stop by 3755 Alhambra Avenue in Martinez, CA. We can help you choose the right books and/or holders for your prized collection.

Vallejo Coin Exchange is a proud retailer of both Dansco and Whitman coin books and folders.

What better way to store your collection than in sets of attractive, standing albums, each designed to hold a series of a particular coin, bar, or round? Genuine Dansco Corporation albums, holding to the highest standards, are a popular choice among collectors worldwide.

The highest standards and quality go into the manufacturing process to create a finished Whitman product that protects your coins. As you build your unique collection, Whitman is there to provide an archival environment that you will be pleased with for years to come.